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AGRI and a new energy future for the Black Sea region

2011 I was briefly involved in a project called AGRI – the Azerbaijan, Georgia, Romania Interconnector. I was intrigued, because even if this project was daring and exotic, it had immediate appeal to me. But I underestimated the signs of the time. There were big ticket pipeline projects sucking off much-needed media exposure and political will. There was a sky high oil price flooding the coffers of hydrocarbon producing countries with copious cash reserves. Russia […]

How to beat chicken and egg in LNG bunkering

Just imagine it’s Christmas but nobody is there. That’s a bit what LNG for bunkering feels like. It has it all: LNG is cleaner than anything else cutting some cheese with the environmentalists, it’s cheaper than diesel which must make sense to the shippers, and when you put the cost of scrubbing in it even beats Heavy fuels hands down. It’s cool and hip and a safe, tried and tested solution for propelling ships. And […]

Ragnarok for oil sellers – and you thought the mayhem is over

All those interested in Norse mythology (I am sure there are some Thor fans out there) will have a clue on what happens when Ragnarok hits us. It is a series of events that eventually destroys most of everything we know and even many of the gods die. The world reboots on a new setting. Many religions have their renewal cycle mysteries (look at the Hindu Trimurti as another example) but not many are as […]

The real reason for the (so called) low oil price

So we have lived through the last OPEC meeting in Vienna holding our breath what the oil producers might be doing in order to stop the oil price from falling even lower. The oil price is still not really low right now, let’s not forget this. But it is too low for some who cannot justify doing whatever they are doing at the moment anymore and with this level. But I got that covered. There is […]

The Pharaoh dimension – LNG in Egypt

One in 3 Arabs worldwide lives on the banks of the Nile river? That makes the oldest culture on earth the Arab heavyweight. Unfortunately, modern Egypt has made the headlines more than once in the very recent past. Not really the kind of news that we would wish this tormented country but believe it or not, Egypt may also become the new energy powerhouse of North Africa. Big populations also mean lots of movement of […]