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Location: Austria (Central Europe)
Type of project: National/regional LNG distribution and fuelling
Assumed initial capacity: from 5.000 to 20.000 metric tons of LNG per year
Estimated CAPEX: USD 15 MM (depending on configuration)
Estimated investment requirement for development: USD 1-2 MM
Estimated time from DTP to RFO: 12-18 months



proj_map_eeluumeeluum aims at developing and building as well as operate small-scale LNG distribution and fueling as well as infrastructure. It will buy LNG from terminals in North Western Europe at the truck loading flange and transport them to their fueling points in and around Austria.

eeluum aims to provide a barebones LNG/CNG fueling network in and around Austria in order to allow fleet vehicle operators to make the switch to LNG as a fuel for their trucking and bussing needs.

After a successful startup, eeluum will also run a study to liquefy LNG directly from pipeline gas using small-scale liquefaction technologies. This is, however, not in the scope of phase one of the project.

eeluum will allow its customers to make the switch from costly and dirty Diesel and Gasoline to the cleaner and cheaper LNG as a primary energy and fueling source. It will also allow Austria and other Central European countries to comply with the Alternative fuels directive that imposes such infrastructure in the EU as of 2025.



Since the VW diesel scandal broke last year, the world is aware that there is something wrong with Diesel. We understand now that diesel cannot possibly be made clean enough for humans to live with it indefinitely. Leading automobile experts see the end of diesel as having started. This results in a slow but steady decline in Diesel’s appeal as fuel.

eeluum currently plans to develop fueling infrastructure in an alliance with existing fueling services providers but it will do so only for professional customers i.e. freighters, bus fleet managers or even large construction sites. Some fueling stations will be mobile.



Several years of low-level lobbying, as well as market evaluation work, has already been conducted by the promoters. The challenges are well understood and assuming a solid commitment from a potential investor, this project could be put into existence very fast. The project could also be developed in tranches in order to limit commercial risk even further.


A business plan can be developed in a few months after which direct pilot client acquisition can start at once.


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Central European Clean Fuel Initiative