strategyLNG s not like oil, it’s not like oil products. Not even like any commodity you have ever known. It’s maybe not the strangest stuff one can trade but its a valid contender in the contest of the weird.

When in your life were you able to say that you are dealing with boiling cryo-liquid? Because that’s what LNG really is. Wait long enough and your cargo literally turns into vapor. And with it all your money. Not an enviable prospect.

Luckily, there are mechanisms designed to handle this risk very reliably. Most of them are simple. But you know the saying. Simple – not easy. It’s the simple things that are sometimes the hardest to do.

Try to lose some weight. Simple fix. Eat less – move more. Implementation can be less straightforward as I know.

LNG is a very long-term business. No quick gains on the spreadsheet without long-term preparation. The big blockbuster deals of the past were many years in the making and that’s a reality to deal with for anyone in the business. Those pioneers did simple things which are sometimes the hardest to implement long before any profits materialized on the horizon.

If LNG is what you want, you need to do that either. LNG is no jump in, jump out business. If that is what you want, take some simple advice now. Stay out! It’s not going to make you happy.

It pays to get a bone-deep education about what LNG would really mean for your company. That is not done in a simple 3-day master class. My experience is that structures, teams, managers, and procedures in any company are grown for a reason. Adapting them to LNG and then exposing them in a safe environment to some of the nasty events haunting any LNG player regularly is money well spent. Its better than losing big on one single botched LNG cargo.

Let me have a look on who you are, what your aspirations are, probe your existing structures and then I will tell you what you need to do to get ready for LNG. And of course where I think that you should position yourself in the LNG world.

As said, that’s priceless compared to what you lose, if you hit the wrong button.

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