Working a new project is a challenge on its own but when you go to the negotiation table you get out and show your colors. The table can be intimidating because no matter how good you may know your project, a wily negotiator on the other side can turn it into shreds in a minute.

I have decades of negotiation experience in sectors as different as tourism, IT services, and oil & gas. Being an in-house lawyer by profession helps a lot. Some of my clients have used me as one-man-hit-team for high stakes negotiations.

Telephone consulting became an important part of my activities today. I am a member of most expert networks such as Gerson Lehrman Group and Coleman Research among many others.

Telephone consulting makes sense if you are in a hurry and your questions are precise or you need an explanation on a market or contractual mechanism. I will not talk about projects I have worked on no matter if they fall under confidentiality or not.

I charge a per hour fee for telephone consultations. That includes preparation time of no more than 15 minutes per one-hour consultation. If preparation becomes more extensive we I will notify you and give you a quote.