Preconditions for speaking

The following speaking rules apply strictly. Please read them carefully if you consider booking me for a speech.

icon-large-notechI will only speak in keynote sessions on broad topics. I will not engage in technical sessions or legal review. If this is what you want, I will either recommend outstanding expert speakers in the respective field or advise you to consult my workshop website. I will not guarantee that any of the recommended speakers will be available for a speech.


icon-large-transportI expect you to pick up flight tickets at economy fare, taxi fares and accommodation cost. If the flight is more than 5 hours, I expect to arrive one day before the conference.



icon-large-filmI will film my speech on a camcorder and reserve the right to air it on the internet as I see fit. I will not film other speakers and their contributions. If accidentally parts of other speakers presentations or other parts of the conference outside my speech are being filmed, I will cut the sequence and dispose of any such material.


icon-large-conflictMy speeches are very controversial and I will not shun hard topics. If you think that your audience wants polite standard speeches, I am definitely not for you.