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Don’t try to avoid the F-word in LNG

There is a German saying. He, who does a voyage, shall have stories to tell. This certainly applies to the LNG business and to any newcomer getting his first chills from it. It’s all exciting but after the first few missteps (oh trust me, there will be plenty) the F-word starts to creep into your […]

Why pigs should not sing

After nearly a decade in LNG I tend to believe that I should have seen everything under the sun – but that conviction turns to shreds just an instant after when I see the next hilarious piece of LNG news. When I started to get serious on the matter in 2005, I quickly realized that […]

OPEC’s catch 22

This is not my first post on the current oil price dilemma and I have a hunch that there will be more to come in terms of even lower prices. From today’s vantage point it looks a bit like the new ruler of the kingdom has stabilized the slide but nothing could be further from […]

Was shale a frackin bubble?

Those who have spent the last 10 years in oil and gas were in for the ride of their lifetime. Those who have spent far longer in the industry will look back at the nuttiest 10 years of their entire careers. We have gone from peak fear to boom and now gloom with lots of […]

AGRI and a new energy future for the Black Sea region

2011 I was briefly involved in a project called AGRI – the Azerbaijan, Georgia, Romania Interconnector. I was intrigued, because even if this project was daring and exotic, it had immediate appeal to me. But I underestimated the signs of the time. There were big ticket pipeline projects sucking off much-needed media exposure and political […]

How to beat chicken and egg in LNG bunkering

Just imagine it’s Christmas but nobody is there. That’s a bit what LNG for bunkering feels like. It has it all: LNG is cleaner than anything else cutting some cheese with the environmentalists, it’s cheaper than diesel which must make sense to the shippers, and when you put the cost of scrubbing in it even […]

The Pharaoh dimension – LNG in Egypt

One in 3 Arabs worldwide lives on the banks of the Nile river? That makes the oldest culture on earth the Arab heavyweight. Unfortunately, modern Egypt has made the headlines more than once in the very recent past. Not really the kind of news that we would wish this tormented country but believe it or […]

Evolution in the LNG garden

Modern man with all his marvels is roaming the planet because of a simple, yet powerful mechanism called Evolution. It’s simple because it mechanically tries out every possible pathway in order to find what works best. It also eliminates those solutions, that have not worked well. Simple, as this mechanism may be, it yet has ensured […]