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Where is the oil-price headed?

If one does a long-term project, one needs good forecasts. But what is a good forecast? The one which gives you the truth – or something reasonably close to it. Judging by past performance, all this crystal ball gazing has so far only delivered paltry results – at the very best. Most of the forecasts […]

80 USD oil is not cheap

I am feeling a little like in a warp bubble – don’t you? Browsing the news-feeds I am swamped with posts about projects that are not doing well because the oil price is so low, countries in trouble because the oil price is so low, markets in panic because the oil price is so low. […]

The last wonderland for LPG and condensate exporters

The world of those who trade liquefied gasses and light condensate products is in turmoil. At last, the ripples of the US shale revolution are hitting the refinery products markets. And the leave no stone unturned just as shale has already made billion-dollar LNG projects go up in flames. LPG prices worldwide go down and […]

The real hybrid car – not just a Prius

Since Toyota has bequeathed the Prius on us, all eyes are on hybrid cars. And it’s hard not to admire the technology that has gone in. It’s also hard not to have a heart attack at the sight of the price tag that comes with a Prius – or indeed other hybrid cars. This technology […]

The demise of the dinosaurs – some parallels

65 million years ago, dinosaurs ruled the planet. They had conquered every niche of life and ruled the elements. Huge marine Dinos dominated the seas, the biggest land animals ever roamed the planet and the skies were full of airborne Dinos with wingspans that rival today’s biggest sailplanes. However, were they alone? Of course, they […]

Peak everything is bullshit – how about peak idiots

It’s incredible how some old, bad ideas linger on in human minds and make their way through history even or despite having been roundly disproven and everyone just trying to defend them should be laughing stock. However, they persist and camouflage under new sexy buzzwords and terms. The new/old crap raining down on us in truckloads […]

Use LNG or lose money – the example of Iran

Let me give you some figures straight. Iran consumes a little more than 30 billion liters of diesel fuel per year in order to keep its economy chugging on (pulled that from Google). I am not even talking about gasoline here. Because much of the same rationale I will be unfolding in this post also […]

The unholy alliance

In September 1815, 3 leading powers of the 19th century Europe signed a document that gave birth of the so-called holy alliance. At the behest of Alexander I of Russia, the rulers of Austria and Prussia decided that the revolutionary idea fomented in the French revolution should be suffocated wherever it rises. God given rights […]

No filter will save us – particulate matter kills

Anyone knowing this blog and me sure knows the rationale. Diesel is garbage that is incinerated in a driving waste processing plant (the diesel engine). This produces huge amounts of highly toxic side products, which reach us through the exhaust shaft of the vehicle. Much of it reaches our lungs and some of them (the […]