Scientists ‘Tantalised’ by Draining Every Hydropower Dam in The US For Solar Panels

Every revolution eventually turns on its children. First, they go rampant and declare everything that does not comply with their super-narrow worldview an enemy. Thats happening to hydro now. It happened to Natural Gas before. remember – it was hailed as the green solution just a few years ago. Now its the breath of the devil. That’s marketing power. In the end, human life itself will be viewed as detrimental and there will be efforts to curb our desire for safe and comfortable living. And that’s when things go awry. Natural Gas starts to wake up now and there are some who pick up the work where it was dropped years ago. It will be a hard, long march but if the industry is to survive, it must fight it. It might have nuclear and hydro as allies quite soon. And who knows, wind might be declared evil as well. Where is the limit of a zealot?

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