-80°C: Antarctic Vostok Station Records “Extreme Winter Cold”…Not Even Winter Yet!

Ahh yes, the tricky part with reality. We are going into a cold cycle – in fact we are already in it. I remember well that a couple of summers before 2017, Vienna saw above 40 degrees Celsius for some weeks every summer. We did not have anything close to 40 degrees since. Local media starts hyperventilating when the thermometer reaches 37 and talks about the hottest summer in decades. I still have screenshots of the headlines in 2017 with 42 degrees. What are we to make of this? People start to notice that it gets cooler. The narrative starts to break. And we are just at the beginning of this cycle so it is going to get colder still. Combine this with an economically hurting population and this has the potential to go ballistic. Fun times are upon us. 

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