A $1 Trillion Energy Opportunity The U.S. Can’t Afford To Miss

Another country that tries to get concessions from the US by waving the LNG stick. We won’t buy LG from you and you won’t be able to build stuff here in India. This would clearly hurt some US companies – but caving in to those attempts to blackmail would do incomparably more harm to the US economy. The customer is king – that’s the mantra I grew up with. Half of my extended family are small entrepreneurs and I got this with my mother’s milk. Now, countries like China and others seem to believe that they hold the better end of the bargain. They don’t. As long as a country is a consumer country as it buys more than it sells, it holds the advantage. No amount of bickering is going to change that – and we have heard astronomical numbers of projects from other parts of the world. Bubbles Galore.

India is the fastest-growing energy market in the world as demand for energy on the subcontinent booms. On this, analysts are unanimous. They are also unanimous that the energy reform begun by PM Narendra Modi during his first term in office offers a host of lucrative opportunities for foreign energy and infrastructure companies. 

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