A Green And Pleasant Land

Aehmmn .. yes, but — this is not data that has been approved by the Supreme Council of Climate Aöarmists plus it also needs to be blessed by Holy Greta by maybe counting the CO2 molecules that have been released to the air by making this. Only someone with the vast powers of Holy Greta could pull off such a miracle. Oh, she is on a ship in the middle of the Atlantic now in order to get to New York so we will have to wait. Never mind that without modern – fossil fuel powered – fabrication methods, the boat she uses could not exist. Also, without modern – fossil fuel derived – IT this would be a very risky endeavor. But back to the data. Those are measurements – no comparison to the very sophisticated simulations the Grand Council of Climate Alarmists use. Never mind they are always wrong – they are sophisticated and that’s what counts. No mere measurements.

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