A groggy climate giant: subsea permafrost is still waking up after 12,000 years

We know that during the Medieval Warm Period it was significantly warmer than today. We also know that this period did not last some years but centuries. We also have plenty of evidence for human activities in regions of the north that were not accessible to humans for the last 200 years. This all means that there were probably not much of the pole caps and the permafrost must have thawed much more than today. That must have been even more pronounced during the Roman Warm Period and all the Warm periods before that. This means that the methane that is being released today is very young. Serpentinization would explain all this beautifully. Are we ready for facts? https://wattsupwiththat.com/2020/12/22/claim-a-groggy-climate-giant-subsea-permafrost-is-still-waking-up-after-12000-years/

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