Alarmism Dies In The Maldives: 97% Of 186 Island Coasts Have Grown (59%) Or Not Changed (38%) Since 2005

Oh yes, all those claims made by the alarmists did not age well. And still, you can show it to them and they still double down. Thats not a rational debate. Thats slogging it out with a cult. But cults do what they do in relative isolation. They do not affect average people’s lives – mostly at least. The climate cult – on the other side – wants to uproot our lives and send us back to the time when people lived in squalor. All in order to save their broken financial gambling. Yes, the green scam is nothing but the latest iteration of Wall Street and its siblings. They love the endless flow of no-risk money for their machinations. Those islands should be underwater by now – instead they become bigger. Riddle me this.

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