Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can teach Bill Shorten a thing or two about climate change policy

Build trust with the Millennials? This generation seems to be hell-bent of destroying everything their grand parents and parents have labored hard to build up. hey think that candies rain from the sky and that we will all live in happy land for ever after. And if we don’t, they will just make faces and hold their breath until it all come true. Or they skip school – what good has school ever been for anyhow? They need a dose of reality, and we are not giving it to them. Let’s take away their iPhones as their production kills the planet. Let them walk and have warm showers only when the wind blows or the sun shines. They want it. But we are not going to give it to them. Like Schumer, we will just sit and wait hoping it will blow over. But this time, there is no happy rainbow. They want to wreck the world and this is something they might well get. Never mind their uneducated minds won’t be able to rebuild it when shit hits the fan.

It is high school students who have helped reinvigorate the climate change debate in Australia and they are preparing to march again this week. The effect they have had is similar to the reaction created by the Green New Deal in the United States in the last month.

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