Already Cheaper Than Gas, China’s Renewables to Undercut Coal by 2026

Why do I see red lights flashing all over this renewable jubilation piece? Oh yes, I know, I know. Because it stinks like a fart from a fellow on a bread-beans-garlic diet. In terms of coal, China is the biggest kid on the block. No, no – let me hammer it really in. China uses more coal than the rest of the frickin planet combined. All those other smokin coal burners taken together have a smaller pile than the green-red giant in the East. And their consumption grows, it does not shrink. Oh, here is some more news, they invest in plenty of new coal mines so I guess it won’t start shrinking for quite a while. This piece is for consumption by gullible Westerners as China clearly does not give to turds about it. Their actions speak louder than words.

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