America’s domination of oil and gas will not cow China

I have been subscribed to the Economist for decades. For many years, I read every single issue front to back. I have discontinued my subscription quite some years ago but I still listen to the podcast. And with horror, I must confess that my beloved Economist is not worth the paper it is printed on anymore. They sing the song of the ACC PC crowd and their analysis should be downgraded to junk. They seem to believe that the colossal problems RE and EV have will dissolve into thin air. Because as things stand, China builds more coal plants per year than any other country and their coal consumption (half of the worlds consumption) is still rising. They want to run their vehicles with coal power – so much is clear. But their competitive position suffers – the position of the US gets better by the day. Chinas love affair with electricity is a bubble – and it will do what all bubbles do.

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