Antarctica was warmer one thousand years ago — and life was OK

Countless times I have made the observation that if CO2 levels for the last 10.000 years has been stable until just before the onset of the Industrial Revolution but there were periods such as MWP and RWP, then CO2 could not possibly be the driver for those rather wild temperature changes. Every time I said so I was attacked by innumerable commenters saying that this was a regional event only and does not stand for global changes. Now we know that this was horse dung and those warming events were global. This alone is enough to refute the entire Global Warming complex and all its models as garbage.

Antarctica is twice the size of the US or Australia. Buried 2 km deep under domes of snow, it holds 58 meters of global sea level to ransom. The IPCC have been predicting its demise-by-climate-change for a decade or two.

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