Atomic Ascendancy: Australians Now See Nuclear Power as the Natural Choice

I have said it many times. People need to feel the consequences of their actions. They need to feel them hard and unmitigated. This is the only reliable way to bring them back to sanity. No action to bring the renewable industry down is needed by anyone. Just let them have their way, let the people feel the consequences (pay the price and suffer the brownouts) and things will come alright. It’s a big price to pay, YES. Hundreds of Billions will be wasted. Landscapes will be wasted by those windmills and solar arrays. Mountains of dead batteries will grow. But humanity has survived worse and once society has been hammered hard enough by all this nonsense, it will develop a sufficient immune reaction and do the right thing.

All of a sudden, any Australian with half a brain is talking about nuclear power generation. Not so long ago, only the bravest would utter the ‘N’ word out loud.

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