Aussie Election Lesson: Climate Activism is a Game for Lazy Rich Elitists

Its a mantra I have been drumming for a long time now. This whole climate hoax is a fad that must necessarily go into a self-induced suicide spin as the remedy proposed denies the majority of the population of just about anywhere a decent life. And people want to live – they care about jobs – they care about full stomachs – hell they even care about their nightly sitcom. Those are the things people really do care about ultimately when they are done with virtue signaling. Because gluing your breasts to the street is no fun when the hospital that’s supposed to fix the stupid damage you do to yourself has no more electricity to just do that. Or when people have to choose between eating or heating. There will be more like this and in Europe, it’s festering.

One of the most intriguing takeaways from the 18th May Federal Election in Australia is how poorly Labor’s climate action political campaign focus played in working class areas.

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