Australia battles to become renewables superpower

Plenty of subsidies and other incentives handed out by the governing elites are creating an outstanding investment environment. Frankly, folks, wouldn’t you like it if someone told you that if you put your money into a business, he will force everyone to pay this person a rent no matter if the market needs what you do? Its the end of risk and the risk to lose your shirts is one of the cornerstones of a functioning market economy. All experiments eliminating the market and its natural forces have always ended in tears. The biggest such experiment has pushed half of the planet into poverty and a life of misery. We see smaller examples of that in Venezuela today. Only the market can self-correct. Only real markets survive in the long term. Everything else is bound to collapse. Australia either gets its house in order or it will be a mess that will take its people decades to fix. If it can be dom at all.

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