Average Americans Can’t Afford to Buy Green

And it’s not only consumer products. It’s the very basics of life that would become virtually unaffordable to many if they would be made o delivered according to the principles laid out by the green Mafia. If you think that you get better products for your money, think again. Wind and solar electricity is intermittent which means that without the fossil backup, you would suffer innumerable black and brownouts. A battery system that would be able to assure the same level of energy security that fossils afford you today would be so expensive that electric power would become a luxury good that only a few could truly afford. Welcome to the Hunger Games. But people already start to fight back and they use ballot boxes as well as the courts to do so. It’s hard to erect any further windmill in Germany, the country with the most aggressive RE policy in Europe. Windfarms get sued for the blackouts they produce and politicians pushing RE get the boot at the ballot box. Arrogance breeds its own demise.

If you want to be an eco-friendly consumer, you don’t have to look hard to find companies that will help you swap everyday items made from fossil fuels for greener alternatives. But the average American just can’t afford them.

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