Behavioural Scientists Aren’t Just Wrong About How to Win Over Electorates to Crackpot Progressive Policies; Their Evident Contempt for the Masses Has Contributed to the Global Populist Revolt

If I want to talk to people with common sense, my best chances are to find them among non-academics. Academics have spent too much time outside the real world and have learned to sniff their own farts. This means that they have drunk the Kool-Aid and believe their own crap. And as big companies, as well as the top rungs of politics and public administration, are permeated by those types, we have an elite that’s completely divorced from real life as it is experienced by the vast majority of people. Those elites could not understand anything out of the real world even if their noses were thumped into it. But we wait for them to learn from their mistakes. They don’t feel like they have made any mistakes. 

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