Biden-⁠Harris Administration Sets First-Ever National Goal of Zero-Emissions Freight Sector, Announces Nearly $1.5 Billion to Support Transition to Zero-Emission Heavy-duty Vehicles

Another 1,5 billion is to be thrown at useless and partly dangerous technologies that will never amount to anything real when a zero-emission truck already exists. All you need to find it is to first clear up the mistaken notion that CO2 is pollution. It is not. It is the one airborne molecule that makes life on this planet possible and we should be grateful for any extra CO2 we can get into the atmosphere because we are living in CO2-poor times. Once that sinks in, you take a state-of-the-art LNG-fueled truck, apply some simple and cheap NOx treatment, and voila, a zero-emission truck. LNG trucks are already today much cleaner than hydrogen or Electric lab rats that cannot seem to get over their safety and cost issues. But the 1,5 billion will fill the pockets of those who produce useless studies to show whatever is politically expedient. 

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