Biden’s green energy plan seeks to end natural gas use within 15 years

So far, US environmental policy mainly killed coal and as there was plenty of gas it naturally fell in place. Gas works, so there was no disruption even if one can question more than one coal closure. But much of the coal capacity has been retired already and as there is no significant oil to power capacity, gas is in the crosshairs now. The problem is – what do you replace it with? Renewables? Gas saved renewables from waking up with a boatload of egg on its face. It masked renewables failures. Once you attack gas, those failures will come out in the open, and considering where some states are with renewables, there will be major grid breakdowns. Expect some very high profile state collapses and when that happens, people will clamor for something that works. Shale gas will be stronger than ever. With Biden, or without – gas does not give a damn about who lives in the White House.

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