Brits Belted: UK’s Subsidised Wind Power Obsession Leaves 3,000,000 Households Suffering Energy Poverty

Energy poverty wasn’t a thing 15 years ago. Even 6 years aog when I brought it up in a meeting I was still looked at as if horns were growing out of my head. Let’s be frank here – it was an issue back then already but nobody noticed. There are always people that cannot afford life and they need to be dealt with but when the phenomenon goes mainstream and affects a sizeable portion of the electorate, politicians cannot ignore it anymore. They will muddle through and throw plenty of placebos at it but when it does not go away, at some point someone takes it up and runs with it and some drastic solution. That’s not always a good thing but as we cant stem the tides of fate, sometimes we can only stand by a watch in horror.

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