California Bows to Energy Reality

Its just a short term fix. Next will be that there will be increased power imports from neighboring states to make up for the shortfall and as prices will go up, this will be a business opportunity. Situations like this have not come overnight when no one was looking. They took time to develop and there will be more time until the proverbial excrement hit the fan for real. Politicians have a way to camouflage their own crap and make it smell like rose water to the gullible masses keeping them in power. Just look at some cities that are so decrepit that even the wretched want to move out. It has been this way for decades and still, those responsible for this are still sitting pretty and eating designer ice cream out of super expensive fridges. A fast deathmatch with reality would be a blessing but I don’t think thats what’s going to happen. Don’t hold your breath just yet.

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