Can Austria Fire Up Central Europe’s Appetite For LNG Fueled Vehicles?

Austria is a country that could be overlooked. Except for its mountains, an imperial capital that stands up the big imperial centers of the 19th century, the music, the food, the – OK, there is plenty of reason you should stop by Austria but its a small country and hence a tiny market. But we are in the middle of the continent and most North-South and much East-West traffic go through. Its an incredibly important transport link for Europe. So, this tiny speck on the map actually matters. That’s one more reason why LNG Europe is based here. Did I mention that Vienna is a great congress city, has taken first place on the Mercer quality of life list that we stopped counting, has a plethora of international organizations here including the headquarters of OPEC, the Energy Community, and the IAEA. End of sales pitch – wanna do something in LNG as a vehicle fuel? Get yourself here.

Ever thought of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as an alternative fuel for logistics and transportation? Hitherto, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) has found more favor, especially for urban transportation fleets alongside electric vehicles.

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