Carnival Corporation’s AIDAnova Supplied with LNG in Mediterranean

This is where it goes. In 2013, I spoke with a Senior Vice President of Carnival Cruises, and he saw adopting LNG as a fuel as risky. I spoke to another manager from the same company some months ago, and he told me that they saw any new ship without LNG as a fuel as risky now. That’s how perceptions change. In 2020, the heat for transportation companies will become unbearable. MGO prices will go stratospheric, FO will go down to crap, and the frenzy for LNG will be like the battle of Winterfell when the army of the dead overruns the castle. So, whoever you are, wherever you are, we need your LNG project. Just make sure that the numbers are not very awful.

Carnival Corporation announced last week its Germany-based AIDA Cruises brand celebrated the first-time arrival of the AIDAnova in Barcelona.

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