China coal imports to rebound in January, rest of 2020 is cloudy

But wait. Ain’t that China, the darling of all Alarmists? The country that promised to be the greenest and best implementor of the Paris agreements? Ah, I forgot. Chinas obligations in Paris are virtually nothing. They are on the super long leash in spite of being the biggest emitters of anything on Earth and adding to it at a very rapid clip. But I guess the carbon from China warms the climate less than the one from old developed economies. Or must we assume that this whole developed economy bashing is just one big Potemkin village for suckers? Designed to pressure those that can be pressured while turning a blind eye on those that don’t give a hoot about anything. Go to glue yourself to the doors of the Peoples hall in Bejing and I will maybe respect you.

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