China coal mine approvals surge despite climate pledges

We should not be surprised anymore but China seems to still be the darling of the Climate Alarmist movement. And their chosen darling put ever more coal into circulation and burns it. I remind that half of the coal on this planet gets transformed from sloid matter into CO2 and ash in China. The entire rest of the world does not use as much as China does. Has that sunk in? Why is China doing this? Besides built up capacity, one of the reasons might be that they still have rather important coal deposits in China and its the one thing that cannot easily be interrupted if there is a conflict with the US. Because in a conflict, the easiest option for the US would be to block the various maritime chokepoints that China needs to keep open in order to get food and energy. China depends on stuff from the outside world for its survival. Unsurprisingly it does not like that so as they have coal – they use it. But this must be carbon neutral coal as the IPCC does not mind at all. Does it?

Approvals for new coal mine construction in China have surged in 2019, government documents showed, with Beijing expecting consumption of the commodity to rise in the coming years even as it steps up its fight against smog and greenhouse gas emissions.

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