Climate-change deniers are a danger to our security

Its funny that “settled science” as she claims makes so many predictions that have not come true. In fact, not even one single prediction by the climate alarmists has come true so far and still, they are being taken serious.
But what does she suggest, that those who dont take the mantra and think for themselves should be forcibly rounded up and put into reeducation camps. We had that here in Europe 70 years ago and that did not work out too well. And in terms of what happens politically, elections are being lost one after the other by the establishment candidates everywhere and people rioting in Paris are no sign that the people dont want to pay ever more for something thats as useful as toes on your forehead.

Imagine during the Cold War that one political party, in the face of overwhelming evidence that the Soviet Union was engaged in espionage against the United States, had a nuclear arsenal pointed at the United States, kept Eastern Europe under its thumb and imprisoned dissenters, refused to consider the Soviet Union a danger — of any sort — to the United States or other Western democracies. 

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