Climate change report is clear: We have to clean up our act and our air — now

Commitments, yeahh. I see a lot of paper everywhere. Let’s see who backs the paper commitments up with real action. Err – almost nobody. And its not because there is some evil scheme to rid the earth of life. No, something way more basic it at work here. Its called survival. You read me right young idealist. What you see as a solution has a price tag and the bulk of average people just cannot bear the burden anymore. They struggle with survival problems, they lost their jobs, they cannot pay rent or fill the fridge, Middle Class has fallen into a poverty bubble, people have to decide if they want to go hungry or freeze. There is a real world outside your pretty bubble. I am old enough to fundamentally distrust any politician and any paper commitment. Breaking a contract has a price – that’s the threshold for gaming then. What does it cost China when they just sign paper and never commit? What does it cost Germany when it holds up Paris, but never takes action? What does it cost if the opposite were to be done? Ask yourself, and then come back and tell me again that some CO2 helping plants grow is the biggest of our worries.

I vividly remember the first time the “Inconvenient Truth” about climate change really clicked for me. I was in sixth grade, and my whole family sat on our living room couch together and watched Al Gore’s signature PowerPoint presentation. By the end, I was horrified, with images of ice sheets crashing into the ocean, tropical storms devastating coastal communities, and out-of-control wildfires tearing through forests seared into my brain.

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