Climate science requires acceptance, not belief or full understanding

If I learned one thing in my life, it’s that if one cannot explain his thing in simple words to someone who is not into whatever you are doing, your thing is not worth very much. Its an excuse that many professionals use: shut up, you are not smart enough to understand this so just assume that what I say is right.
I you fluffheads expect us to pay up for the crap you want to load us with, then you better double down and explain it to us in a way that normal people can understand it. And when we find out that you use flawed data or you cheat, expect us to call you on that stuff and get your hammering. Because we will rightly assume that you are just one more arrogant snake oil seller and we had enough of those already.

There’s a problematic question in journalism and science communication. Various people are asking journalists to stop asking politicians whether they “believe in climate change” and to start asking whether they understand it. 

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