Coronavirus muddles LNG market, Chinese LNG imports

Covid-19 does certainly have an effect on markets. When consumption tanks, there is always an effect and people complain. That being said, lets not quite get overboard with Covid-19 yet. China has paper patched over the cracks in its economy for more than 10 years now and the strain showed already quite impressively before Covid-19 and even the trade war. One just needed to open eyes and could see. Now, the trade war and the virus put those corrosive forces on steroids. So what’s hitting us right now would have hit us anyhow. Who knows, this crisis might have a silver lining as it forces everyone to reconsider his/her position in the world. There might even be some – dare I say – consolidation. One thing is certain – it will hurt. Badly so. But as things are – there is no easy way out.

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