Costly Electric Vehicles Kill Economic Growth and Won’t Save the Planet

Any country that has subsidized EV’s saw sales rise – not by a lot but still perceptibly so. But those moderately rising sales carried the seed of their own undoing as with perceptible sales of EV’s, the consequences of those subsidies became apparent. When they were decided, nobody thought that they will produce real financial pain one day – or they simply did not care as future problems are future problems. But now, finance ministers everywhere have less tax-haul to play with and moe to shell out for those toys for rich people. Because that’s what they are – an EV-only world would make 80% of the people walkers as a car would not be possible anymore. How will voters react to this?

In an era when electric vehicles (EVs) are shaking up the auto industry, who knew that the plain old gasoline car could still be appealing?

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