Could Renewable Natural Gas Be the Next Big Thing in Green Energy?

Let’s go one step further. How about a renewable methane system that fits into the basement of a building. How about a building that collects all its own organic waste and maybe some from the block, puts it into a digester in the basement which produces methane and fertilizer as a by-product, the methane then is processed and purified in order to provide fuel (LNG and CNG) with electricity bought at times when wind and solar need to dump it, and then it has its own electricity production but even more important provides vehicle fuel. OK, that’s not a very well thought out idea and there will be a million reasons why it would not work but are there folks smarter than I am (I am not an engineer) and give this some thought? Renewable innovation starts at the bottom.

For decades, small-scale biogas systems have collected methane from landfills, sewage plants, and farms. Now, in Europe and the U.S., the growth of this renewable form of natural gas is taking off as businesses capture large amounts of methane from manure, food waste, and other sources.

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