Dear Congress, stop subsidizing wind like it’s 1999 and let the tax credit expire

We always come back to the same point. Renewable advocates never tire showering us with telephone books worth of economic analysis that their energy forms are now the most efficient and least expensive. Let’s hold them to their words. If what they say is true, then they should wipe the floor with all other forms of energy without any subsidy needed. I am not only talking about the production tax credit – this is an obvious one. I would also include the preferential treatment of wind and solar power when it comes to grid utilization. Its a blatant subsidy as its worth a lot of money. Let’s apply what they say and cut away all the kickers. Either they implode and their analysis is exposed as the scam it is. Or they actually make it and wipe the floor with their competition – in this case, I will eat humble pie and applaud their great success.

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