Denying Climate Denial

Its not 97% of the science that supports this which is the basic fallacy. The 97% stem from a questionnaire that was sent to thousands of stakeholders to which less than a third of them has even responded and in this third, the politicians were over represented as opposed to the real scientists and only just over 50% agreed. But they never say so – they say its 97% of the scientists that say they support the climate alarmist theory which is patently wrong. The comparison goes as follows. You send your results to 100 doctors asking them for a diagnosis. 66 dont even respond, and of the remaining 34, just about half tell you that you might have a cancer and this half is less doctors but more hospital administrators. Would you go for chemo based on this?

The dust-up over the climate change op-ed from the New York Times’ newest columnist, Bret Stephens, has been educational. If you missed it, the Times hired Stephens away from the Wall Street Journalrecently. In Stephens’ opening column, he asks for “reasoned discussion” on climate change.

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