Designing batteries for easier recycling could avert a looming e-waste crisis

Thats easy to understand. Batteries are expensive and those that depend on a public that believes batteries are cheap and easy to use have no incentive to come clean on their real costs. Just like advocates and project developers that hammer us constantly with articles that Wind and Solar are the cheapest energy sources now. But when they are asked to give up the lavish subsidies and grid access advantages they enjoy, they balk. And when pressed on this point, the projects are instantly bankrupt. Leaving their monstrosities behind for us all to deal with them. Every oil and gas company is obliged to fund decommissioning. Your electric appliances dealer will have to take your old fridge back so they put the cost of dealing with them into the price of the wares they sell. The same must be true with batteries. Imagine mountains of dead batteries stacked up in warehouses in some suburb. Those are toxic and very flammable. Wanna raise your family there? #batteries #batterydisposal

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