Despite ‘disaster risk,’ trains haul highly flammable gas cargo across South Florida

This is fearmongering of the highest order. LNG has been transported by truck for many decades now, by rail it’s even safer. LNG is not explosive and it’s not toxic which means that even in the case of an extremely unlikely leak there won’t be explosions or poisonings and there will be no ground contamination. LNG has an infinitely better safety record than gasoline, diesel, LPG and a whole bunch of chemicals which are all far more dangerous while being transported by rail all the time. It’s time for the gas industry to expose these frauds for what they are.

About the same time Florida East Coast Railway executives were convincing Florida’s East Coast cities and counties to back privately owned passenger trains traversing downtowns and densely populated neighborhoods, FEC quietly sought and won permission to haul extremely flammable liquified natural gas along the same tracks.

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