Did the Chinese President Just Save the World from Climate Change?

To this day I have yet to see members of Extinction rebellion glue themselves to the doors of the Great Peoples hall or disrupt morning traffic in Bejing. Greta, this would be a valuable target for your ire. China still burns more coal than all other nations combined and their use of coal is steeply rising. While the US is demonized for being the killer of this planet, they are the only ones that have actually reduced carbon emissions and have gone to great strides cleaning up the air. Except in California – the state with the most stringent green rules has the worst air. The air in Houston – an oil state – is spectacularly clean in comparison. The world still wants to believe the “China will save us all” story when at the same time those in the wind – the Chinese nomenclature – sends their families to North America and Australia. They know that not all is well in the Middle Kingdom.

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