Diesel car SHOCK – Claims say many modern diesel dirtier than official tests show

The real question is – under which kind of rock have they lived so far. There must have been at least a dozen if not more similar reports with partly even more shocking findings. The world goes numb with all this hyperbole. And the topic is way too serious for going numb. Diesel cannot be clean – or better, Diesel cannot be clean and cheap at the same time. Real clean diesel would come a lot dearer to vehicle owners purses and cheap diesel won’t comply with the limits. Pick your poison world.

A shock new report has claimed that many of the modern diesel cars on the road are not as clean as their official test results show. It alleges that more than three out of four modern diesel cars are “much dirtier” that their official pollution limits. A test into the emissions of modern diesel cars by consumer group Which? found that a number of cars exceeded the latest NOx standards.

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