Ditch Paris—and Save America

Watching the aftermath of Nov. 3rd, I am nothing short of amazed. I am not someone who easily gives in to conspiracy theories. That said, there is just too much shady stuff going on and it’s very open for everyone to see. And the blatant shilling of media and the elites also gives even those who are not Trump fans a sour feeling. Paris is only one of many international accords that don’t feel right anymore. How is it right if the basis for life is being destroyed to a majority of the population? How is it right if jobs are shipped overseas and entire regions robbed of their future? I don’t agree with everything Trump does or says. Hell, sometimes I even hold my head in my hands when I read some of his tweets. But on balance, he is the far better choice not only for America. The BS economy does not like it and won’t stop at anything to perpetuate their ill-gotten gains. We can see much of that now. Looks like Trump dominated the Black and Latino vote. And Biden dominated the deceased white male vote.

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