Drivers are ditching diesel in fear of anti-pollution charges that would not affect them

And not only small car drivers – it will be trucking too. 5 years ago, when one talked to the truck fleet managers about the prospects for diesel in their trucks, they greeted you with a smirk. That’s over now – they still use diesel – what choice do they have – but as soon as someone talks about LNG they are all ears. For real this time. No boring looks and yawning anymore. The problem is that nobody trusts the future anymore. There is a feeling that even if one complies with the current set of rules, he will be hammered with something even more stringent in short order. Hard to properly depreciate a fleet when things change every 2 years.

Confusion about which diesel cars are targeted by low-emission zones is leading many motorists to ditch the fuel ‘even when it’s the best option for them’.

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