Eco Extremists Plan to Shut Down Heathrow Airport for Two Weeks with Drones

Just imagine one of those things brings down an airliner full of people. Imagine 200 deaths because those hooligans need new stuff for their twitter accounts to feast on. Who would be to blame? Should be a straight answer – its pre-meditated murder for me and it should take an especially hard penalty because of the extra heinousness. Give them life in solitary. But I am sure this crazy world will consider them warriors for a just cause and those dead people are the price to pay. Is this the world we want to live in – living in fear of death every time you take off or land? That’s terrorism to me and like terrorists, they should be treated.

Eco extremists Extinction Rebellion are planning two weeks of raids on the skies around London Heathrow, to ground flights for up to 16 days in the autumn.

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