Economics favor an all-renewable grid

I would very much favor having an entire industrial country (or a state in the US) flip over to 100% renewables with all connections to fossil-fueled generation cut. It would give the world a potent example of what that does to a country and its population. Germany has recently passed the threshold of being the country with the highest electricity prices on Earth. It has taken this crown from Denmark. Countries with massive switches to renewables experience massive deindustrialization and hence rapidly floundering economic standards. California is on its way of being a basket case those who have the means to flee from. Australia has recently punished a pro-renewable labor party in elections and there is a lot of resentment in many countries against those expensive but inefficient toys. The backlash is underway only tempered by a massive lobby that pours billions into marketing doomsday as this is the only way to keep people toe the line. But the phalanx breaks now. Every fraud eventually runs its course.

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