Electric-Car Era Threatens Firefighters With New Road Risks

Those fires are monsters. I was told by a fireman that they need to put the wrecks of E-Vehicles that had burned into a container filled with water for a week or more as they would spontaneously re-ignite. Those fires are very hot and violent. And this is just a personal car. Just imagine this happens with an E-Truck. Or something bigger still. We don’t have too many of those accidents yet as E-Vehicles are still a rarity. There will be more, how will people react when the first person that was not a passenger of the vehicles dies or is severely wounded due to one of those blazes? Those cars are no toys.

Firefighters doused the blazing Tesla Inc. Model X’s battery pack, and then company engineers removed about one-quarter of its power cells before the vehicle was deemed safe to tow off of a California freeway.

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