Elite Opinion Is Never Wrong

It everywhere. Some years ago I was at a meeting of the energy task force of a political party in Austria. We talked about this and that and then I threw energy poverty into the mix. Everyone looked at me as if horns were growing out of my head. They told me thats bull and that such a thing does not exist in Austria. It just so happened that the place where we met was on the top floor of a building that housed a social supermarket on its ground floor. The place where the poor go for basic foodstuff and so. I told everyone to get up and take a peek out of the window. There was a queue. They were so enamored with their little elite world view that the plight of normal people had no place in it. The elites everywhere are blind and they are so on our dime. And they don’t want to leave their privileged positions – so they do what they must do to be assured their place.

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