Embracing the Suck of Asteroid Mining

The same is true for stranded reserves on Earth. Many believe because a reserve exists, it is worth something. Some of the biggest known oil reserves on Earth are essentially worthless as the cost of retrieving the oil, processing the oil or transporting the oil (you can do this for gas as well) is higher than what the market would pay you for it. Its a calculus every entrepreneur must go through. my cost of doing business must be lower than what customers are ready to pay me for it. Wishful thinking does not help here. But we like our bubbles and whats more fitting to the pie in the sky than a bubble in the sky?

BPM 37093 is an object believed to be the nearly exhausted core of a dwarf star, with about 110% the mass of the sun. It is especially notable because it is believed to be composed of diamond — a solar mass of diamond. 

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