Energy Affordability Must Be a Top Concern for Newly Elected

Strangely, newly elected go through a very quick process of mental transformation once they have smelled the perks of elected office. They simply could not care less about the concerns of the little people as everything is subjected to the whims of their political careers. 5 years ago I told an Austrian party leader that energy poverty is an issue. He laughed on me. I showed him the lines out of a social supermarket. Those were regular citizens – not bums – unable to afford the basics of life. When people go hungry or they freeze, they lose all inhibitions and rattle the cage violently. Listen up politicians or you wont like what comes your way.

When knowledgeable voters in Colorado say no to onerous and unnecessary drilling setbacks that would kill jobs and ban energy production in many parts of the state, and when Alaskans reject new, unnecessary permitting rules and fees on an industry that serves as the state’s largest source of government funding — among other rejected state ballot measures that would have limited energy opportunities and increased energy prices while offering zero help to our environment — you would think those who oppose an all-of-the-above energy strategy would finally get the point.

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